IT Solutions

Software Training

b.a.m. technology offers software training in various settings - home, office or classroom. We can teach one on one or in a small or larger group setting. Hands on training is available in your location and on your equipment. If you would like more specific details, contact us at 715.571.1046 or email at:  

Some titles offered:


Backup Systems

Backing up your data is critical! Whether you are an individual or business - your data is important.

Don't find out the hard way - after your system crashes or a virus strikes and you've lost your data it's too late! If you don't have a backup system or don't know if your current system is working, we can help. We will help you select the right backup solution for you - chosing media (tape, disc, online (cloud), etc.) and showing you how to schedule and run your backups and restore your data when you need it. Contact us at 715.571.1046 or email at:  



We can help your small business with most of your technology needs. We have extensive Microsoft Server knowledge and can help you purchase your first server or configure or update your existing systems. We can help set up or expand wi-fi in your office, help you purchase, set up and network PC's, laptops and printers.

We have expert trouble-shooting skills and are available on an hourly basis to consult, purchase, install and repair your desktop and server systems.

Contact us at 715.571.1046 or email at: