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Domain Name
This is the name of your site, ie., It is sometimes called a "Web address", "URL" or "Site name". You must determine if the domain you want is available and you must purchase (register) it. You can find out if a domain is available and if not, who owns it HERE. b.a.m. technology can help you find and register a domain - this is included in all of our Web design packages.

Social Media
Websites that people use to communicate with each other either on a personal or professional level have become very popular in the pase few years. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace started out as ways for people to connect with each other, but Facebook and Twitter have now become a popular tool for businesses to stay in touch with their customer base. By posting events and other information about the business, you can be directly marketing through this new and growing media trend - for free! LinkedIn is another popular social networking tool that many people use to keep their professional contacts up to date. You can add a business listing and increase traffic to your website (and your business) through this method in addition to Facebook and Twitter.

Search Engine
Search Engines are websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. that people use to search the web. When looking for specific topics, you enter related terms and click "Search" and you almost always get more results than you expect.

S.E.O.- Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is how to get YOUR website to show up at or near the top of the search results on these sites. b.a.m. technology will submit your site to the major search engines listed (and others) and we'll assist in placing your site into online local business directories as well.

All of our websites are built to be search-engine friendly. If your current site doesn't produce the results you expect, we'll work at getting you better placement either by enhancing your current website or re-designing it.

Website Design
Website design is the overall look and feel of your site. It include things like your logo and its placement, color schemes, page layout, menus, images, graphics, artwork and things of that nature. We will work with you extensively to create the best design for your business. If you have logos, business cards, print brochures or other adversiting media, we can match the style, or help redesign everything to create a co-ordinated look or "brand".

Web Developer
This is the person that uses the website design items to create the actual website. This can be you if you want to use a site-building program that allows you to create your own site. You need to be fairly tech-savvy to handle most of these, and you will need to dedicate more time than you might think to layout all the pages and insert the images, create navigation, etc. Why not leave that to us? We can develop a PROFESSIONAL 5-7 page site in a week or less once we have all the design information in hand. And it won't look like a cookie-cutter design that some of the build-your-own tools offer.

Website Hosting
A web host is a company that stores a website's pages and displays them on the internet. This is another service you must pay for and pricing is dependent upon many things like the amount of data storage needed (if you have an e-commerce site with a database, you will need more storage and a host that supports the type of database being used), the amount of bandwidth necessary to serve your pages (again, more data-intense sites or streaming video will need more bandwidth), and e-mail addresses (so you can receive email from your domain ie., b.a.m. technology will take care of finding a suitable (and cost-effective) host for the type of site you need and we will set everything up for you. This is part of our Website desgin packages and we won't make you pay for things you don't need.